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Week 11

Hello everyone! These last few weeks have been absolutely amazing. We went on a two week outreach a few weeks ago and the Lord taught me so much. We grew closer in our outreach teams, and I learned the value of working in a team. I realized that I am very independent and try to do things on my own when there are some things that just aren’t meant to be done alone, and are much more effective when you work as a team. The Lord began to show me my place in the team and how I can fulfill that, even now He is showing me what I need to be doing. I learned the obvious-I can’t do everything, but I can help other people to be all that they can be and in turn get a lot more done. I am also learning how to not take myself so serious and to relax a bit more. It has helped a lot and I find myself enjaying life a lot more. This last week of lectures we learned about the heart of worship. For me there wasn’t a lot of new information, but it was fresh. It helped me because so much of our teachings are just full of knowledge and it is easy to get proud and puffed up from having a lot of knowledge and no output, but worship reminded me that I can have an output of worship and giving back to God all the things that He has given to me. We also had a 24 hour worship session towards the end of the week which was so good. I was able to give it all to God and feel utterly spent at the end. Anyway, thank you all for your prayers and if you could keep team India in your prayers and our dance team, that would be great. May God continue to bless you all. Love,

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