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outreach week 4

So, outreach began with us not being able to go up to Darjeeling for a few days because of some local political tension, so we had to stay three hours away in a town called Siliguri. While there, we stayed at the YWAM house there and we were able to hook up with some local churches and do some village outreaches around the area. Eventually we were able to make it up to Darj. We were only there for a few days because we then went to another village about four hours away. We helped the local church do a “concert”, some preaching in the mountains, and even shared at night and daytime services. The schedule was pretty lax considering, but I did get in a good leg workout which is nice because I am feeling a little fluffy around the midriff if you don’t mind my slang. We were there for about 10 days, then we went to another nearby town and did a few church services there. We arrived yesterday and we have all been settling in and some of us are getting ready to leave again tomorrow for another village/town outreach. Our group is splitting up in half. One half will remain in Darj and do some art projects that are lined up. I know the artists are excited, and the rest of us will be leaving for a week. Anyways, that is a brief summary of what is going on. Please continue to support us in prayer and thank you all for what you have already done. Blessings!

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